So sorry to leave the lovely bicycle people of Cape Ann hanging-
I’m back in business, in fact I have been for about a month, but here’s the rub – without school and without free babysitting from my awesome off-island at-risk ma, my time is more limited than it has ever been.

I am doing my best to keep up with everyone who has reached out and asked for service, while trying to fit some give-back bikes in at the same time. I’ve had to leave a lot of customers unread as I try to fit everything in – it’s safe to say things like communication and task-switching are not my strengths, and these types of things have been seriously exposed during our new normal! I really appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience with these difficulties!

Unfortunately supply chain and shipping issues have made things extra difficult as orders are taking longer than ever to arrive *and* as demand has exploded across the nation (yay!), those orders are only being partially fulfilled.

With all these things considered I’ve had to make the difficult decision to raise prices.

+ Tune ups for 2020 start at $80 – Tune ups are preventative maintenance for bikes that are in good working order. They include cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, minor wheel truing, etc to total approx 1.5 hrs of labor. If you don’t have that kind of money to spend (trust me, I *understand*,) or simply don’t want your bike cleaned, I offer a quick tune rate of $45 that includes approx 30-45 minutes of work with a focus on the most important things first (i.e., piecemeal adjustments where needed most: like I’ll true tf outta that wobbly rim (no tacos BTW,) get those brakes adjusted and make ya ride safe, but ya derailer might rub a little and ya spokes still got those cobwebs in ’em.) I just cant put 4+ hours into a $65 “tune up” anymore and be able to break even (not the least of which pay myself.) I’m sorry.

+ For the first time ever I’ll actually have to consistently enforce my $25 minimum mobile service charge.

+ I may have to raise prices on certain parts. My most commonly used chains are up 50pct from the last time I ordered them! I will always do my best to stock only nickel-plated chains to help keep the rust at bay in our salt-water drenched community- for now most chains are still $20. Tires may also become a concern- last week I ordered 14 hybrid tires split across 2 distributors, only 4 arrived! As of now all tires are still $25 each – to keep things simple and to keep the costs distributed amongst all – This may need to change to something like $22 for kids tires, $28 for adults, we will see.

+ Free used parts and 20% off all new parts and labor for those on SNAP/EBT, free school lunch, disability, or those who are recovering from addiction (or tryin’) still applies! The school-based give back project has been put on hold for obvious reasons, but I am still repairing and giving out free bikes to those who qualify- just one by one and very very slowly as I try to work everything in.

+ There will be no bike rentals at BMB for 2020, but Cape Ann Electric Bikes is still operating, so call them instead! It seems likely the Stage Fort Park pop-up space will be shelved as well, but I am still holding out hope to resume at some point in the future.

+ Of course social distancing protocols have been quite easy to follow with the mobile model! I also disinfect surfaces with isopropyl alcohol upon return.

Thanks for reading my long-winded official announcement, stay healthy, and keep on pedaling!

Hey there, I just wanted to drop a quick update that Big Mike’s Bikes will be on pause due to the current ongoing public health issue. As everyone else, I am hoping this will be very short and I will update as things progress. Stay safe, everyone, and keep on pedaling!


— Mike

I want to drop a YOOGE THANKS to the awesome folks at Awesome Gloucester for selecting and awarding the BMB Bicycle Rehabilitate and Redistribute project last week! That $1000 is going to help rehab a LOT of bikes! Got something awesome to offer to our community? Give ’em a look and maybe they can help you out as well!

The next focus for this giveback project involves the Veteran’s Memorial elementary school- if you’ve got any kids bikes that you’d like to dispose of, please reach out and I’ll make sure it’s put to good use.

FULL DISCLOSURE: My stated goal is to eventually find a partner or two to help organize and open a full brick & mortar non-profit bike shop here on the island. As this is a lofty goal, until I can find more teammates, Big Mike’s Bikes is and will remain a for-profit corporation. The Repair And Redistribute project is considered a giveback, *not* a registered charity organization.

The terms of this project are : any bicycle given to me personally to help this project will be repaired to strict safety minimums and given away free of charge. No bicycle collected will be sold- If any of the bikes are unrepairable they will be stripped of usable parts and recycled. These parts will be added to my personal cache of used parts and used parts are always used first to repair bikes for this project.

I am gifting my time/labor through BMB and offering a steep discount on new parts when needed to make these repairs. Going forward the bulk of the money I’ve received from Awesome Gloucester (and a small amount from friends so far) will be used to purchase new parts, helmets, locks, and lights from Big Mike’s Bikes at a 10% over cost markup (to cover shipping) plus sales tax. Depending on demand for these giveback bikes, I may reserve a small amount (~$300) to cover storage costs if needed OR to arrange a non-profit used bike parts library for the community. I am building slowly, as time allows, and hope to see this project evolve over time!

The first giveback was a total of 7 bikes and helmets fully repaired and given away at The Heights Of Cape Ann Apartment complex. The cost for these repairs was approx $115 including the 10% over cost markup and sales tax. Approx retail value of these repairs with new parts, labor, and helmets would have been over $1000. Thank you for listening and for your support!


— Mike

With some generous help from a friend and the community at large, I’ve been collecting donated bicycles and caching used parts sales money to fund the repair and distribution of free used bicycles to those in need. We are working on a giveaway in December at an apartment complex here in Gloucester- More details on this once it’s confirmed!

In the meantime, in hopes of raising awareness of the origins of Thanksgiving, I’d like to extend the rehab and redistribute offer to anyone of Native American descent on Cape Ann. Please reach out if you or members of your family would like to snag a free bike! 334-BIKES-34 or

Tomorrow, as hundreds of millions of americans sit down to feast on this National Day Of Mourning, I hope we can all simultaneously celebrate gratitude for what each of us has *and* remember the price that has been paid for it. To consider what it means, as a representative of our society, to have virtually eradicated and systematically oppressed an entire culture of people over the generations. To recognize that the kind of wisdom European Settlers cleansed from this land is the *exact* kind of medicine our society needs to survive today, in the face of global warming and many other battles. We can’t change what’s happened in the past, but we can build a bridge to a brighter future by having open, mindful discourse, and a more inclusive perspective on holidays such as these.

Some reading on this subject, if you are so inclined:

Thanks for listening =)

— Mike

We’re celebrating Small Business Saturday with a 20% off sale on all in-stock accessories from now until the end of 2019! Reach out via text or voice to Big Mike @ 333-BIKES-34 or – he’ll work with you to personally curate and deliver a gift assortment for your favorite cyclist! Don’t forget, a limited selection of tune-up gift certificates will be available until the end of the year! You might want to grab one of these before tune-up prices increase in 2020!

All items pictured are just a sampling of what’s available with discount and sales tax calculated into the listed price! We also have a selection of tools, bags, parts, and other odds and ends, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Thank you SO MUCH for your support and we look forward to servicing Cape Ann in 2020!




I’ll be set up for retail sales at the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Winter Market, Saturday November 23rd from 10-1!

As this is an indoor space, I won’t be equipped to provide repairs at this event;  I will, however, have a limited selection of Tune Up Gift Certificates and all other kinds of bicycle related parts and accessories to suit your holiday gifting needs! Come say hi and check out all the other fine vendors, crafters, and makers who will be set up at this excellent community event!



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