It’s August and the cycling season continues to be as wild as ever! With this in mind at the moment I am no longer taking on new customers for anything other than really small quick jobs like flat fixes, pedal swaps, etc. I’m sorry! I’ve got a waiting list heading into September and I need to catch up before taking on anything else (aside from the really small jobs which I try to fit in quickly!) Of course if you’ve already reached out and we’ve talked about your appointment you are still in the queue and will be hearing from me soon!
Text is always the best way to get in touch with me – 334 – BIKES – 34. I’ve had some issues with customers not receiving facebook messages so that’s super annoying and sad to hear! If you’ve chatted with me on facebook and haven’t heard back, it’s safe to assume there’s something buggy going on with my app or facebook in general – please send me a text if you are still needing work.

If you have bikes that need a lot of work or well-riding bikes that just need tune ups, I am thinking at this point winter might be the time to get the work done.  Please email me for those inquiries – pictures would be helpful so I can give a throughout estimate – and I will start going through those emails as the summer starts to wind down. I will do my best to offer relaxed rates in exchange for your patience and understanding on winter repairs. Thanks!

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