Heya! It’s starting to be my favorite kind of riding weather – YASSSSSS, fall – and the inquiries haven’t stopped! Thank you, thank you, thank you, but at the moment, I’m really sorry, I cant. The 2020 COVID bike boom has been such a great thing in the big picture, but I’m at a place where I’ve had to make the decision to shut BMB down for a little while.

I don’t think it will be permanent. Once I’m done with my Halloween job, I will have to assess various things- for example, if I’m able to source the parts I need via traditional distribution methods, I will be happy to start working on bikes again come November! For now, the parts/supply struggle is just *too much* for me and I need some steady/wage income along with a hefty dose of time in the saddle. I am super excited to be tag-teaming a car/bike commute to salem for work for the next several weeks!

If you’re the type to do your own repairs, please reach out if you need parts- I have a good selection of some things, (certain tires, tubes, brake pads, certain wheelsets, cassettes, accessories, shifters, cables) and am lacking in others (namely derailers, cranksets, freewheels, certain wheelsets, certain tires and tubes, OMG BRAKE LEVERS, etc.) For some of the things I do have, I bet I can even match amazon prices and beat shipping times, just shoot me a text if you know specifically what you want or need!

On the giveback bike front, even with the enormous amount of help I received, I wasn’t able to get to everyone on the lists, and I wasn’t able to keep my target of 1 bike per week. I’m really grateful for the help I got and I’m really sorry I didn’t get to everyone. I did, however, give out 20 bikes (so far- still hoping to eke a few more out) to those in need this year. Considering how difficult it’s been to even get a bike (let alone parts,) I feel like it was a pretty good thing overall!

Thank you all for your support, your patience, and your understanding this year, it’s been one wild ride, that is for sure! Please do your best to stay healthy and take care of each other. ❤

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