Bike world is still pretty chaotic but there’s some excellent news- shipping times have greatly improved across the board! Unfortunately parts availability is still making things difficult and I’ve had some van struggles at the same time- turns out parts shortages are real in the auto repair world as well as the bike repair world!

New repairs inquiries are steady, but starting to cool off a bit- I’ve met so many amazing new customers and this makes me happy! Still, I’m keeping my waiting list towards the end of July for tune ups and bigger jobs so I can catch up in the give back bike realm.

Unfortunately I missed many weeks of my target 1 bike per week- bike world has been *that much*. That said, I’ve got 3 going out this week and another 3 next week to make up the difference.  The waiting list for give back bikes is long long long which is great- I’m excited for the demand! I’m trying my best to manage the difference between the ‘first come first serve’ waiting list (of which I now have 2 with some outreach help) and pushing out bikes that are really close and don’t need much to get out. It just doesn’t make sense to have a bicycle sit unridden if it only needs 30 minutes of work vs those that need 4+ hours. Further complicating things is the lack of inexpensive consumable parts for these bikes! Of course with these give back bikes, I have to make sure I’m keeping my customers (and my family) happy at the same time- I am doing my best, it just takes more time than *any* of us would like.

(BTW, If anyone would be able to gift some scrap metal removal to help out in the process, please let me know.)

I’m starting to see the Stage Fort Park vendor space as a thing again soon, at least maybe 1 day a week- but I’ve got to get caught up first and see how things play out.

The best way to reach out is via text 334-BIKES-34 or Facebook Messenger. I do my best to answer phone calls and emails when I can, but often I cannot. If you want instant voice to voice contact or instant email replies to arrange a repair, please consider trying one of the other shops on our island, you might be happier! Hopefully this will change as things settle down, but that’s how it is for now.

Thank you for understanding and for your support. 🙂

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