Bikes are available for rent by appointment starting at $40 a day. Rentals include a helmet and lock, and pickup and dropoff are available.

Call 334-BIKES-34 (334-245-3724) for reservations.

The Fleet

The rental fleet is a motley crew of refurbished bikes, each with its own personality and specialty, including . . .

Flipper (19.5″ frame, good for riders 5’10″+): She’s a lightweight, agile single-speed with a coaster brake. Combining minimalist chic with the dolphin’s joie de vivre, Flipper would love to take you out for a spin. How about Eastern Point?

Cassie (16″ frame, good for riders 5’3″–5’7″): a strong and supple women’s hybrid named for the legendary sea serpent who some say dwells in Casco Bay, off Portland, Maine. Check out the startling anecdotal evidence for this mysterious creature here . . . and then reserve her namesake for a day of Cape Ann riding!

Jonathon Livingston Seagull: From outward appearances, he seems to fit in with the rest of the flock with his casual, comfortable upright riding position. But secretly he wants to fly at great speeds with his slick hybrid street tires. Set him free and ride up 133!






Nori: She may be as unassuming and green as her seaweed namesake, but this medium-size women’s hybrid is a reliable and versatile seaside ride. Who knows what hidden charms she might reveal!



Good Morning Gloucester

My View of Life on the Dock

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