I want to drop a YOOGE THANKS to the awesome folks at Awesome Gloucester for selecting and awarding the BMB Bicycle Rehabilitate and Redistribute project last week! That $1000 is going to help rehab a LOT of bikes! Got something awesome to offer to our community? Give ’em a look and maybe they can help you out as well!

The next focus for this giveback project involves the Veteran’s Memorial elementary school- if you’ve got any kids bikes that you’d like to dispose of, please reach out and I’ll make sure it’s put to good use.

FULL DISCLOSURE: My stated goal is to eventually find a partner or two to help organize and open a full brick & mortar non-profit bike shop here on the island. As this is a lofty goal, until I can find more teammates, Big Mike’s Bikes is and will remain a for-profit corporation. The Repair And Redistribute project is considered a giveback, *not* a registered charity organization.

The terms of this project are : any bicycle given to me personally to help this project will be repaired to strict safety minimums and given away free of charge. No bicycle collected will be sold- If any of the bikes are unrepairable they will be stripped of usable parts and recycled. These parts will be added to my personal cache of used parts and used parts are always used first to repair bikes for this project.

I am gifting my time/labor through BMB and offering a steep discount on new parts when needed to make these repairs. Going forward the bulk of the money I’ve received from Awesome Gloucester (and a small amount from friends so far) will be used to purchase new parts, helmets, locks, and lights from Big Mike’s Bikes at a 10% over cost markup (to cover shipping) plus sales tax. Depending on demand for these giveback bikes, I may reserve a small amount (~$300) to cover storage costs if needed OR to arrange a non-profit used bike parts library for the community. I am building slowly, as time allows, and hope to see this project evolve over time!

The first giveback was a total of 7 bikes and helmets fully repaired and given away at The Heights Of Cape Ann Apartment complex. The cost for these repairs was approx $115 including the 10% over cost markup and sales tax. Approx retail value of these repairs with new parts, labor, and helmets would have been over $1000. Thank you for listening and for your support!


— Mike

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