We’ve sprung forward and I’m excited to get started at Stage Fort Park soon! I wanted to drop a quick update to clarify how I’ll be using the money collected at the driveway sale on Sunday! Whatever money that comes in from the sale will be set aside and totalled up- the entirety of the proceeds will be used to help fix up bikes for folks with *no markup* on parts and with *no labor charges* added.

By the end of Sunday I will post the total amount collected on the blog and announce a call to those who need help. If you’re struggling and need a bike fixed up for transportation or for a family member, please reach out as soon as you can- I will do my best to repair as many bikes as I can as soon as I can with this money.  I do anticipate being quite busy by the time the warm weather rolls around so let’s use this brief period of lousy Smarch weather to get some wheels on the road!

Once the pot is empty I will resume my standard flat 20pct EBT or hardship discount for new parts and labor, with the entire stock of free used parts always available for those who need them.

Hopefully things go well, and with some help I’ll be able to do this more often! For now, I’m considering this a seed to be planted and will see how it goes from here!



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